I’d like to pose a philosophical question. Nothing too wild … consider this a fun little mental exercise.

There are those who believe that human souls can achieve nirvana. These souls will no longer ride the wheel of reincarnation. They will no longer inhabit bodies on Earth or anywhere else in the physical universe.

Others believe that the universe is simply a projection of the human mind.

Let’s assume that both of these beliefs are true. This poses an interesting question: when the last human being achieves nirvana and does not reincarnate – would the universe no longer exist? With no minds to project the universe, well, there would be no more universe, right?

Are human beings collectively so powerful that we hold the existence of the universe in our minds? And as each soul achieves nirvana, one by one, are we chipping away at reality itself? Would the last remaining human beings feel this change in their environment, and if so, what would it feel like?

Perhaps reality is already slowly vanishing …