Coming home from school as a boy, my heart would leap as I spied the latest Starlog magazine waiting on our living room table. I felt like a secret agent reading dossiers on George Lucas and Steven Spielberg and Gene Roddenberry as well as the myriad teams of writers and producers and effects gurus who worked to bring life to the strange new worlds that glowed in front of my impressionable eyes. I had an X-Ray view into the structure of a mysterious and magical industry. With my family’s SIX cats prowling around me (I think my mom was one cat short of needing a kennel license), the hours flew by as I read and savored every tidbit of information.

Recently, I discovered that EVERY SINGLE ONE of the Starlog issues are available online to read … for free!

So after I jumped around the room dancing and singing, I ran to my wife and told her this FANTASTIC news. After she blinked and said, basically, ‘That’s nice, dear,” I sat myself down in front of my laptop, scrolled through the pages of Starlog, and relived my childhood.

These days I experience many of the same challenges and triumphs as those who produced my favorite childhood shows and movies. Working in television has made me all the more appreciative of the great work those men and women did to bring to life all those amazing stories.