You load your server drives and fire up the Avid. You check your email as the system churns away. Maybe you sip your coffee or respond to a text message from one of your editors. You’ve got another episode in the bay and it will be screened at the end of the day. Right now, however, you need to start your next episode.

You dig deep into raw footage. You surround yourself in recorded reality. ‘Reality is subjective.’ you say to yourself, as you rearrange the material to create a cohesive and compelling story. The structure of reality is yours to control. The entirety of the footage, all of the camera angles and all of the scenes, are building blocks that you can position into any order you like. What will your structure be? What will the point of view be? Down the line you will share the responsibility of generating this artificial reality with your teams and the executives at the network.

That gives you an idea …

… You think of your life. Of real reality. Your scenes. Moments that perhaps may one day be switched around just like the video clips you are currently arranging on your Avid timeline. Pay a Reality Producer a fortune and he or she will restructure your life-scenes into a revised episode of your life. Call it an upgrade.

You’ll have notes, of course. It is your life after all. The Producer will execute the notes and upload the completed project into the memory centers of your brain.

Later, in the edit bay at work, your episode screening goes well. You’re thankful for all the hard work that went into the cut so far. You and the editor finish the notes and the assistant editor outputs another episode to the network.

Driving home, you wonder just for a moment if you’ve already paid a Reality Producer to restructure your life, and perhaps you paid extra to have the knowledge of this transaction erased from your memory.

You arrive home and greet your family. You feel grateful they exist in your life.

But perhaps in the original reality …