Wherever you are, right now, listen.

What do you hear?

If you’re living in our modern world (which, of course, you are) then I’d wager that you’re inundated with information flooding your five senses. It can be overwhelming, right?

We awaken with an alarm clock. Perhaps that sets the dog barking. Our smartphones ping and alert us to notifications and emails. We make the necessary phone calls, grind coffee, run the coffee maker, listen to NPR, tend to the needs of our families, listen to the radio or an audiobook on the way to work, deal with traffic and engines and car horns, chat with co-workers in the kitchen as we put away our lunches, tend to all the business of the day, listen to music on the way home, perhaps watch a little TV with dinner to unwind, and finally we sleep. But when we sleep we dream … so guess what, we hear the babble and clatter of our subconscious minds. We become so used to the constant background cascade of clamor that it’s like a second skin.

We forget what it’s like to live for a moment in silence.

All we need is a recharge. Like this:

silence like empty space

a moment in nothingness

just to sit

watch the wind in the trees

imagine the noise leaves us

and we are at peace

for a moment