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Centuries ago, humankind fled Earth to escape an unknown cataclysmic event.

Now, ancient astronaut researcher Jackson Bible uncovers a startling truth about humanity’s first settled world. Secrets buried deep within Horizon’s interior reveal the existence of an age-old destructive force that threatens to wipe out human and Reborn civilization across the galaxy. 

Driven to prevent disaster, Bible teams up with an obstinate Reborn efficiency officer, a human with the ability to relocate his consciousness, and a young posthuman who just happens to be involved in a revolution against the government. 

 Salvation may rest in the hands of a sullen private investigator named Terrance Holloway – but is he reliable? 

 For Holloway believes that his hard-boiled, time-twisted world of 1946 Los Angeles is real life… 

Digging into the sociological and anthropological aspects of post-Earth society, They All Lived In Castles is a thrilling post-apocalyptic SF novel in the tradition of "soft sci-fi." It combines the mind-bending style of Philip K. Dick with Clifford D. Simak's free-wheeling sense of wonder and well-rounded development of character.

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